The IL GLICINE farm was founded in Romagna in 1972 with the purchase of the first plot of land on the first hills of Cesena in  San Tomaso locality where the first Sangiovese, Pinot bianco, Trebbiano and Cagnina vineyards are planted.

Over the years the company has continued to grow by planting new vineyards between the towns of Saiano, S. Tomaso and Montenovo.

The strong viticultural vocation of the company land combined with a careful management of the vineyards allow to obtain generous wines with a strong imprint of the territory.

The excellent exposure of the vineyards, the proximity to the sea, the pedological nature of the land create an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of vines, so much so that since 1996 the company has adhered to integrated pest management regulations, drastically reducing the use of agropharmaceuticals.

The winery which is located in Rio Eremo di Cesena and is only 4 km from the Rocca Malatestiana was built in 1998 adjacent to the vineyards, to drastically reduce the time between harvesting and processing the grapes in order to preserve their quality and typicality.

The partially underground structure is equipped with the most innovative technologies which, combined with tradition,  they allow to enhance the great organoleptic heritage of the wines produced and also in a perspective of reducing the environmental impact it uses only energy produced with its own photovoltaic system.

The harvest is strictly manual with particular attention paid to the selection of the grapes.

The company is one of the founding members of the "Consortium of Wine and Oil Producers of the Cesena Hills" and is included in the itinerary of the "Wine and Flavors Road". 

In 2021, with the change of ownership, the wisteria company is transformed into Cantina Glicine and a new path begins. The old labels are abandoned in favor of a new communication line more in step with the times, and a Wine Bar is created in which to taste the wines produced.

our history
our team

Gianni Mancini

Chief Executive Officer

Raffaele Caporali

Partner and oenologist

Monica Sbrighi

responsabile wine shop/BAR

Chiara Stecca

wine shop-aiuto cantina-enologo

Roberto Mazzoni

reception wine shop - deliveries

Andrea Dall'Ara

tractor driver - vineyard management

Francesco Biondi

Vineyard management

the stages

The beginning

The Caporali brothers buy the first plot of land which is then cultivated as a vineyard.


Integrated fight

The company adheres to the strict rules of integrated pest management


The winery

The winery is built in via Cesuola 701 in Cesena


The change

The management of the cellar changes. With the support of the historical winemaker Raffaele Caporali, a new course of the cellar begins


new look

The old logo and the historic labels are abandoned for a fresher image and in step with the times


First bubbly wine

The first two bubbles of the Gisteria winery are born. A merlot-based rosé and a white blend of pinot bianco and chardonay


Our wines are made from hand-picked and selected grapes and are zero-impact thanks to the energy used comes from the photovoltaic system and the most innovative technologies with a view to reducing environmental impact, combined with tradition.

As part of the agricultural sector, we are completely dependent on our surroundings, just as it depends on us. This is why we grow our products in a sustainable way. Over the last decade, the winery's carbon footprint has been positive, which we are really proud of.