Saturno – Romagna Pagadebit DOC

The color is pale straw yellow, crystalline, with accentuated greenish reflections. The perception of white flowers is clear on the nose, among which hawthorn is the most perceptible, followed by hints of exotic fruit and peach. The taste is very enveloping and soft but a remarkable freshness is evident supported by a high sapidity. The elegant finish develops pleasant herbaceous and mineral notes.
  • Romagna Pagadebit Dop.
  • Bombino Bianco 100%
  • 12,0 %vol
  • ▪ 4000 bottles produced

The grapes are harvested in the second decade of October, followed by separation from the skins and alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of about 17 ° C. This is followed by a brief stop on the fermentation yeast (fine lees) before proceeding with the decanting of clarification and filtration. Bottling takes place in the spring following the harvest.


Serving temperature 12 ° C. The product goes very well with appetizers, not too salty first courses and white meats, but it is with fish-based dishes that it fully expresses all its characteristics.

92/100 Austria
Daniele Cernilli:
94/100 Italy
Gambero Rosso​:
Tre bicchieri Italy

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