Cantina Glicine

Cantina Glicine is a winery in the heart of Romagna a few steps from Cesena. It produces wines and oil that it sells bottled or in bulk in its store and hosts you in moments of conviviality in the wine bar.


Goblets, events and lots of fun.

In our Wine Bar with attached Winery you can immerse yourself in the pleasure of a glass of wine accompanied by cold local dishes in good company. Let our sommeliers advise you!


Stay up to date on our promotions, discounts, events and everything that happens and will happen in our cellar.

Panettone al Sangiovese

Panettone al Sangiovese Da noi trovi molte idee regalo per il Natale Confezioni regalo con i nostri vini Olio di

Dicembre in cantina

Cena Latina Sabato 3 Dicembre Cena Latina CENA – ANIMAZIONE – BALLI Cena tipica Latina a buffet , accompagnata dai vini


Sangiovese Superiore

Sangiovese is the wine that best represents Romagna and that we present in this bottle.


Albana Secca

Our interpretation of the DOCG Albana Secca interprets the best tradition of this vine, enhancing the characteristics of the terrior.


Pinot Bianco

The best essence of an international grape variety that in our territory expresses unique and typical scents on the palate of a premium wine.


We carefully cultivate raw materials. We limit the use of chemicals in the cellar to a minimum and work with very low levels of sulfur. Our refinements take place spontaneously, in wooden, steel or vitrified concrete barrels based on what we believe is right for that wine, experimenting, breaking the rules. We create the product step by step together with our team. This allows us to make special wines that place us among the excellence of the territory.

We work every day to ensure that our products are sustainable and for years our processes have been zero-impact thanks to the production of the photovoltaic system attached to the cellar. We believe in the work ethic and in respect for this. Fairness, equality, health protection, transparency, protection of the environment and of the person are the values that guide our work every day.

Themed itineraries dedicated to wine lovers. Surrounded by our vineyards and pampered by our microclimate it is possible to spend unforgettable moments.
A stone's throw from CESENA surrounded by nature.